Same Game New Name!!!

Aight people.  Due to the fact the WORDPRESS wants to continually act a fool especially when it comes to posting videos I have decided to RELOCATE my site.  U’ll get the same great stories, news, gossip, fashion and music but better and faster.


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106 & Park did Terrence go too far w/ Rocsi???

So as a consequence of Rocsi leaving the stage she was suspended for 2 days off the show…. I’m not sure I agree with that decision BET, but if you were gonna suspend her than fo sure Terrence needs to have the same punishment because his behavior was unprofessional, childish, and down right rude and disrespect.  Hahah, but who am I fooling… People we are talkin about BET here the same network who disrespects women 24/7 thru the media… Rocsi sorry gyrl; I guess even when you work for the station you still get treated!!! Terrence needs to be fired for what he pulled and frankly I believe Rocsi took the higher road by walking off (even if it did show she couldn’t withstand her emotions) because another black woman or man would have slapped the shit outta Terrence (I would have!).  And even though lately there have been alot of leaking rumors that Rocsi has slept with alot of rappers in the industry to get her fame, it still makes you wonder “what the hell did she do to make Terrence act a fool in public; on national tv?” , LOL…HOLLA! (p.s. thanks Mille for  the idea of puttin this story on the blog)

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shem by: kweisi

1 2 thought tha grazz wuz greena on tha otha syde                                                                                           

oshen tyde

brushed up against tha same syde

on rough terrain

n my soul it rained

pha dayz

my wayz

led me n2 me

but out uv me



i tried 2 wash away phrom my earth

but u kan’t wash away

what happened yesterday

n my bored’m

i go with shem

and i just left a moon

that wanted my sunshyne 2 make ha’ phull n tha nyte

but i wuz n tha twilyte

uv my kuriousity

which killed this kat

out uv one luf

eight left 2 get it ryte

my syte

that iz n

i must begin


i must think with tha head on my shoulda

bekuz on tha otha syde it iz much kolda

i have learned 2 wataa my grazz 2 keep it greena so i dont’ krossova

2 tha otha syde pha a whem

with shem


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New Release – DMX – “I WISH”


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W!LDLEEK… A new Clothing Line hittin Fall 2008

Aye the Fouders of the Line are 3 cool gentlemen.  Their fashion style on a day to day basis is Hip Hop dopish, LOL.  I know these dudes and am lookin forward to what they will bring to the game.  Madd luv and much success fellows! Luv…

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Release Date Aug. 5, 2008

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NEW: Q-Tip – Gettin Up

LISTERN: q-tip-gettin-up.html

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Who is Anthony David?

 Mr. soul singer Anthony David was only a local celebrity in the Atlanta music but now he the 1st artist on India Arie’s new Soulbird label in conjunction with Universal Republic with a new single “WORDS”  The single has been out for a while now but if you haven’t checked it out watch the video here!

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Common feat. Pharrell: “Announcement”

 this man is FIN3!  he’s educated, sexy, and he’s a magician with words, not only that but he shows his emotional side and he got some thug in him…. YES SIR!

LISTER HERE: common-ft.-pharrell-announcement.html (Produced by the Neptunes)

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