Beauty in its Simplest Form

By: Jamaal Cooper

When I saw you i thought of you as a friend but the feelings i held within brought me towards you even more. I thought it was just a phase and I thought it would pass but it didnt. As the time passed we gained relationships that we thought was possible. Made connections that would probably get us in trouble and made enemies that we did not want LOL!! But overall I wanted you because you were you with some flaws but you still were that person i knew from before. You enjoyed the simple, you enjoyed the feeling of smiling, you wanted to laugh but most of all you wanted someone to share that with it. You completed me in a sense and i was there to pick up the pieces that were left broken from before. You were that sunrise i was waiting on to show me warmth in a whole new light. You were that moon that was reassuring and cool. But you were my heart reborn, torn by the spoils of youth and immature love; broken by promises of many and kept by so few. You were my heart that was captured from the very moment our lips crossed paths in ways i could not fathom. You were the air that lined me to the real and imaginary. The reason showers were lonely and letting the water hit my body for hours was worth while. Your were my beauty in its simplest form!!!

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By Jennifer N. Jossell
Hear ME before you Fear ME
Feel ME before you kill ME
Reach ME before you preach to ME
Walk my mile before you crack a smile
Suffer beside ME before you criticize ME
Know ME, Grow ME, Show ME before you call ME lazy
Raise ME before you call ME crazy
Realize my pain before you call ME insane
Understand ME before you command ME
Love ME before you Judge ME
Know my danger before you discredit my anger
Thoroughly educate ME before you incarcerate ME
Invest in ME before you think less of ME
Recognize the best in ME before you pressure ME
Witness my wisdom before making a decision
Live where I’m living before giving your opinion
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Lanvin Taffeta Hi Top w/ Metallic Toe

It’s still all about Fashion today.  And what more can we do put have you vote.  Who rocked this sneakers the best Usher or Jay Z???  My vote definitely goes towards Jay.  The sandy brown in his pants brings out the shoes.  I’m luvn’ da’ style Jay.  Who y’all feeln’?

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Design by Nic HurleyOk here is a new, very talented artist – Nic Hurley. Most, if not all, of his designs are done with art paint.  I luv his work.  Not only is he a friend but over the years I have the honor of calling him my “brother”  Check out his designer and if you like em’ you can contact Nic directly @ 773-425-9879

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Design by Nic Hirley

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Natural Hair = Natural Beauty

Natural Hair is a Beauty.  I have tried on and off to do it over the past years and I was fail to the evil monster called “PERM” However  luv and much respect to the young black men and women who are in touch with their African Roots and their inner self and who allow that inner voice to cry out publicly to the world by the means of Natural Hair! “Dame Dame”

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XXL Magazine Eye Candy of the Year 2007: Angel

This is true beauty. Black women come in all differnt shapes, sizes and tones. During an interview she was asked:

“So what makes you hotter than every other video vixen out there?”

Her response:
“A lot of ’em don’t get far, because they want the wrong things—they want the fame, without getting the accomplishments. The accomplishments aren’t their first priority. I’m far from these industry bitches. If I’m not modeling, I’m back in D.C., on the block with my pajamas on and no makeup. I just might be the realest.”

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Luscious MAC Lips

A glimpse of my favorite Beauty/Make-Up Product.  None other than MAC!  I’m a MAC Gyrl, are you?

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Premier…Fashion Blackout… by BET

(Click on Link) 482DBAA8-DC16-48F3-8C8C-63D0D09537CA.htm??Referrer=%7B1315A8DF-680D-4860-804D-C5077A0476EE%7D BET News takes an inside look at one of fashion’s industry’s lasting weaknesses: The lack of Black models at major fashion shows and ad campaigns.  Across the globe, as the runways fade to white, we have to ask ourselves, “Has Black become unfashionable?”  Top Black style-makers will pull no punches as they expose their industry’s dirty little secret: racism by some of the top names in fashion.

Don’t miss the network premiere of this event Thursday, May 29th at 8:30 p.m. (ET/PT)!

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Yet Another Video From Kanye…Flashing Lights Series

Ok guys, I know posting for Music Joints is Mondays however my friend just sent me this link of another video for Flashing Lights In the words of my friend…”its interesting”  Supposedly this is the third Video Kanye has released for Flashing Light (though I did not see the second one)  Neway, I watched this video and was like what is Kanye tryin to say….therefore I need you (my lovely viewers) to take a look at it too and write how you felt, what you saw and the message (if any) LUV!

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