by: Courtney A. Richardson
can you see me
i go back and forth about where i am at this point and
from point a to point b is a long time coming
and I don’t know
I don’t know if a change is really in store
for me at least
a plethora of friends and all i really have is myself
i stand in a crowd and scream
but in reality all i am is alone
it’s a long tunnel
and i see no light
the darkness scares me
and my cell phone battery is dead
where to turn and no one to call
temperature is dropping and
is freeze
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Ashanti ‘Good Good’


LISTEN HERE: 1425815746441f56

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SkullCandy Headphones


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Back N’ Da Day… Fresh Prince ‘SunShine’

This is still one of my favorite TV shows.  I watch it every night.

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Coming Fri. June 27, 08 ‘WANTED’

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‘Yes We Can’ 08 Election

Obama winning over former Clinton supporters…

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) — Barack Obama has won over more than half of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s former supporters, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll that finds party loyalty trumping hard feelings less than three weeks after their bruising Democratic presidential contest ended.

The poll suggests time is beginning to heal some rifts from the primary campaign and that the New York senator’s endorsement of Obama carried weight. The poll was taken in the days after Clinton suspended her campaign and said she was supporting her rival.

Obama’s progress with Clinton supporters is marked, yet far from complete. More than one in five who had backed the New York senator now plan to support Republican John McCain in the fall, a boost for McCain if those opinions hold.

“We still have work to do,” Obama campaign manager David Plouffe told reporters in a strategy briefing. “Democrats are consolidating behind the nominee as the choice in the election is more clear and as the contest fades. Time is our friend here.”

The poll found 53 percent of the Democrats who favored Clinton for the nomination two months ago now back Obama for president. That’s an improvement from April, when only 40 percent of Clinton supporters said they would back Obama over McCain.

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In Thank You And You’re Welcome! Kanye delivers his personal message uncensored, without any five-second delay or media distortion.

“My book is a guide to creating then celebrating your moment!” says Kanye.

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I Can Be What I Wanna Be…BET Award WINNERS!

Alicia Keys – Best Female R&B Artist

Kanye West – Best Male Hip-Hop

Chris Brown – Best Male R&B Artist

Missy Elliott – Best Female Hip-Hop Artist

Marvin Sapp – Best Gospel Artist

UGK f. Outkast International Player’s Anthem –         Best Video of the Yr

Erykah Badu and Mr. Roboto – Best Video Director


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NineWest Color Spirit

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Jill Scott’s New Beginnings

Not long ago, last year, Jill Scott was divorced from her husband of 5 years (Lyzel Williams).  But don’t be sad for her.  Recently at her last performance at New York’s Carnegie Hall she announced her engagement to her drummer – Jon Roberts.  Jill we’re happy for you, you go gyrl!!! 🙂

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