106 & Park did Terrence go too far w/ Rocsi???

So as a consequence of Rocsi leaving the stage she was suspended for 2 days off the show…. I’m not sure I agree with that decision BET, but if you were gonna suspend her than fo sure Terrence needs to have the same punishment because his behavior was unprofessional, childish, and down right rude and disrespect.  Hahah, but who am I fooling… People we are talkin about BET here the same network who disrespects women 24/7 thru the media… Rocsi sorry gyrl; I guess even when you work for the station you still get treated!!! Terrence needs to be fired for what he pulled and frankly I believe Rocsi took the higher road by walking off (even if it did show she couldn’t withstand her emotions) because another black woman or man would have slapped the shit outta Terrence (I would have!).  And even though lately there have been alot of leaking rumors that Rocsi has slept with alot of rappers in the industry to get her fame, it still makes you wonder “what the hell did she do to make Terrence act a fool in public; on national tv?” , LOL…HOLLA! (p.s. thanks Mille for  the idea of puttin this story on the blog)

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  1. i think he was wrong but however they do crack off on each other at times and i believe both have been intimately involved and things got heated w/ the lisa ray issue and he probably was jealous and this is the hold nutshell of this communication discreps.wc

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