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Mz. J’Lyn Beauty & Fashion Tips

1.     Always make sure your makeup matches you skin tone

2.     It’s summer time! Stay away from dark colors, BRIGHT colors are in the mix

3.     Ladies, with tight dresses, wearing a fashion belt defines the waist line and stands out more

4.     Fellows, stay away from only all white Tees

5.     When wearing multi colors please make sure your accessories match one of the colors you already have on

6.     Wearing Gold and Silver jewelry at the same time is not HOT!

7.     Always be BOLD, your clothes should express your individuality

8.     Ladies don’t cheat your eyes; wear multi color eye shadow and blend the colors in, I promise it speaks LOUD… …but remember you are not a CLOWN!

9.     Having your eyebrows done girls is a must

10.     Red Lipstick is no longer in… its very old Fashion, give me MORE

11.   Fellows, can I get a hair cut ???

12.  Be unique, be different, have style but rock your own!


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Skin Stories; Film by Vaseline Cocoa Butter and Sanaa Lathan

Vaseline Cocoa Butter has joined together with Actress Sanaa Lathan to do a film with stories of how people of color feel and relate to their skin.  This documentary will be narrated by  Sanaa Lathan.  The campaing states: “It started with a simple question. “What does your skin mean to you?”  The responses spoke voulmes.  So we took the conversation global in an intriguing new film called Skin Stories.”

The film will premieere at the red carpet VIP screening during the 2008 ESSENCE Music Festival


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