Every Time The Preaching Stops…

An insider’s look at the Black Church’s efforts to reach its Youth

Written By: Jennifer N. Jossell

           Haters may hate, but its ok, this is just my opinion and the choice is yours to make regarding how you take this article. I ask myself, what does it mean to be a young person within the black church? Are we praised/ congratulated today and shunned tomorrow? Is the only time we matter on 4th Sundays and Youth Day? Are the youth programs centered around us or are we at the core of these youth programs? Are the many outreaches only an attempt to reach a certain quota? To me, it becomes a matter of question, just as we as African Americans question our presence within National Elections, so do the youth of the Black Church. Do we really matter? Are we only “fads of the season”? Don’t get me wrong, in no way is this a bash on the black church; I am just sharing my opinions on how I feel as a young person within the church.  The church calls us the lost generation while the world says “We are only what we wear and listen to.” It has come to my attention that during our most impressionable years, we as youth not only struggle to keep the faith and Trust in God’s will, but we are also plagued by social iniquities as well. However, instead of reaching for the churches hand we end up holding the worlds and because the world relates to us, the world acknowledges us, but most importantly the world encourages us to be whomever and whatever, the Sky is the Limit. The world teaches us to be uninhibited while the Bible teaches us that even though we are creatures in the world we should not become creatures of the world. So, my question becomes can the Church and our faith exist in the same realm as the Hip Hop Culture around us? I think that it can and in order for the results to be positive and pleasing in the sight of God, the Church has got to step up and step in as our only go to guide rather than leaving it to the music and the media that surround us daily. If the Church took more steps to retaining our focus in more ways than one, then it would be impossible for us as young people to believe that the only way we can be true to ourselves and express ourselves is on Youth Sundays and youth centered activities. Yes, the Hip Hop culture can be apart of our lives but it is up to our local churches and pastors to step in and step up to let us know that our Faith and relationship with God should be at the core of our everyday lives. The lessons we learn from the Bible, Church, Pastors, Mentors, and Prayer Partners are the key to bridging the gap within the church and its young people long after The Preaching stops….

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