Fly Kicks for Fly Gyrls! Make Him Jealous…

These bad mammas hit the scence in July 2008.  I shall cop!

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Creative Recreation Womens Galow High

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Nike Blazers High

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Ato Matsumoto Sneakers

Designed by Japanese designer, Ato Matsumoto and rocked by Kanye West in his “stronger” video

only available in Japan at the moment  

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Lanvin Taffeta Hi Top w/ Metallic Toe

It’s still all about Fashion today.  And what more can we do put have you vote.  Who rocked this sneakers the best Usher or Jay Z???  My vote definitely goes towards Jay.  The sandy brown in his pants brings out the shoes.  I’m luvn’ da’ style Jay.  Who y’all feeln’?

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