When is it time to hang it up and retire???????

By: Chamille Johnson

Yesterday morning i woke up to my daily summer vacation routine of yawning and stumbling around for my remote that probably was the culprit of my lower back pain from sleeping on it.( i stay up late watching reruns of fresh prince every night… the exciting life of a 20 year old that cant get in the club). Anywayz i turn on my MTV, and what  do i see……. A damn near 50 year old Madonna shaking and gyrating her vajay jay with Justin timberlake. I took a  second look.. u know just in case it was the cold in my eye…( maybe its britney spears after 3 weeks of no botox) NO!! it was a woman old enough to be my granny in a crotchless leotard dropping it like its hot! I didnt know whether to laugh or throw up.. it was a mixture. And then it was poor justin dancing his little heart out… not knowing that madonna is probably planning to molest him. I dont know you guys the song is banging… dont get me wrong..  I JUST FIND IT DISTURBING BEYOND MEASURE THAT MADONNA IS DOING A CHINESE SPLIT!  Is it time for the original material girl to hang up the cone shaped bra… you be the judge!

Watch the video.. ( u might not wanna eat after u see this)
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Yet Another Video From Kanye…Flashing Lights Series

Ok guys, I know posting for Music Joints is Mondays however my friend just sent me this link of another video for Flashing Lights In the words of my friend…”its interesting”  Supposedly this is the third Video Kanye has released for Flashing Light (though I did not see the second one)  Neway, I watched this video and was like what is Kanye tryin to say….therefore I need you (my lovely viewers) to take a look at it too and write how you felt, what you saw and the message (if any) LUV!

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