shem by: kweisi

1 2 thought tha grazz wuz greena on tha otha syde                                                                                           

oshen tyde

brushed up against tha same syde

on rough terrain

n my soul it rained

pha dayz

my wayz

led me n2 me

but out uv me



i tried 2 wash away phrom my earth

but u kan’t wash away

what happened yesterday

n my bored’m

i go with shem

and i just left a moon

that wanted my sunshyne 2 make ha’ phull n tha nyte

but i wuz n tha twilyte

uv my kuriousity

which killed this kat

out uv one luf

eight left 2 get it ryte

my syte

that iz n

i must begin


i must think with tha head on my shoulda

bekuz on tha otha syde it iz much kolda

i have learned 2 wataa my grazz 2 keep it greena so i dont’ krossova

2 tha otha syde pha a whem

with shem


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by: Courtney A. Richardson
can you see me
i go back and forth about where i am at this point and
from point a to point b is a long time coming
and I don’t know
I don’t know if a change is really in store
for me at least
a plethora of friends and all i really have is myself
i stand in a crowd and scream
but in reality all i am is alone
it’s a long tunnel
and i see no light
the darkness scares me
and my cell phone battery is dead
where to turn and no one to call
temperature is dropping and
is freeze
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“Keep It Real: The Realest Shit I Ever Wrote”

By:RealTalk                                                                                                                                                                     I just wanna take a couple of breaths that I breathe (of mine)
to express some views on issues that I usually keep in mind
and whenever I wanna speak
I normally just close my lips, shut my teeth and grind
while thinking that i… am keeping too many feelings inside
that in due time will rise my adrenaline and further nurture anger
and keep it high
and soon these things will climb and find their way into a box
labeled:”These Pet Peeves of Mine”
Well, “Keep it real” is a term often over-used
or mis-used
and confused
with false realities that are taught to you as views
So, do you think you REALLY do folks a favor
when you save your comments and opinions about their ideas
and replace it with a, “That’s kinda hot!” ? NOT AT ALL!!
you see, human beings learn and act according to what others do,
and some folks value your opinion.
So when you send them off and DON’T tell them
that they shit is not hot and okay,
they walk away thinking
they shit is “off the chain” like free slaves
and it’s a Mi-stake
So all there is left to see is where the problem..excuse me…
or THOUGHT of a lack of a problem lies.
Is it because of those weak-minded citizens
that cry at the sight of criticism you know those that
serve as the fetus for this ‘umbilical cord’ called a “bandwagon”
with which if they parted and took sides
their vitals would flatline.
They follow trends like:
birds follow winds
like no more babies follow havin’ twins(unless the parents love kids)
or like nuts follow hittin’ skins (like nuts follow hittin’ skins)
…I’m digressing again…
so it’s either the fault of the citizens afeard’ of criticism
or those that hate to pull punches and live their life
by the theory that, “Beind NICE is lying”, and
“being RUDE is telling the truth”,
So no one wants to be perceived as a “meanie”
so they support verbally and notarize with a stamp of approval,
and don’t show their face.
But you’d be surprised at how many folks
get falsely “gassed up”, wit they nose and ass up
so high that when they idea actually flops
they just can’t stop and they just WON’T STOP!!
because no one slowed them down earlier during the creativity stage
and gave them a genuine opinion.
So it’s partly their fault at first for sending you off (at FIRST!),
but “fool me TWICE, shame on me” (that means ‘YOU’ mean ‘ME’)
so YOU can’t come to ME,
wearing dress shoes, crew socks, no pants and a white tee
and when I give you “nice lies”
you act like you’re oblivous to sarcasm
like you didn’t know that you was gonna get drunk
if you drank every drink on the menu just because the bar has ’em?
like you didn’t choose to wear those shoes
just because every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jamar has ’em?
I should throw this arm at ’em!!
GOD is the only judge
and just because we’re made in his image
doesn’t mean that we can do so
I hope that you go
and don’t spare feelings at the expense of not being labeled as “RUDE”
cause if ol’ girl or ol’ dude
is so bold to go
out on his own,
friends all at home,
make it to some A&R who shits on his craft
sends him back retracing his path,
the last thing they wanna hear is, “I told u so!”

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Beauty in its Simplest Form

By: Jamaal Cooper

When I saw you i thought of you as a friend but the feelings i held within brought me towards you even more. I thought it was just a phase and I thought it would pass but it didnt. As the time passed we gained relationships that we thought was possible. Made connections that would probably get us in trouble and made enemies that we did not want LOL!! But overall I wanted you because you were you with some flaws but you still were that person i knew from before. You enjoyed the simple, you enjoyed the feeling of smiling, you wanted to laugh but most of all you wanted someone to share that with it. You completed me in a sense and i was there to pick up the pieces that were left broken from before. You were that sunrise i was waiting on to show me warmth in a whole new light. You were that moon that was reassuring and cool. But you were my heart reborn, torn by the spoils of youth and immature love; broken by promises of many and kept by so few. You were my heart that was captured from the very moment our lips crossed paths in ways i could not fathom. You were the air that lined me to the real and imaginary. The reason showers were lonely and letting the water hit my body for hours was worth while. Your were my beauty in its simplest form!!!

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By Jennifer N. Jossell
Hear ME before you Fear ME
Feel ME before you kill ME
Reach ME before you preach to ME
Walk my mile before you crack a smile
Suffer beside ME before you criticize ME
Know ME, Grow ME, Show ME before you call ME lazy
Raise ME before you call ME crazy
Realize my pain before you call ME insane
Understand ME before you command ME
Love ME before you Judge ME
Know my danger before you discredit my anger
Thoroughly educate ME before you incarcerate ME
Invest in ME before you think less of ME
Recognize the best in ME before you pressure ME
Witness my wisdom before making a decision
Live where I’m living before giving your opinion
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Gyrl wit Broken Heart

in and out of luv so many times…a broken heart is hard to fix. my way of repairing it, simple.   as soon as one luv leaves i invite another one in.  never fully giving chance to my healing but at the same time saving my soul for being a victim of feeling pain.  see at one time i truely believed that to stop pain i needed someone else to luv me.  despite how good this theory worked in my head things never quite played out right.  see i kept going form one relation to the next emptying out everything that i was made of and my soul was no longer mine…it contained everyone else that i had let in.  all now i feel is confusion.  who am i?  a flashback as  tears rolled into my eyes.  who am i?  i am a gyrl wit a broken heart.  a foolish sweet gyrl who thought the true meaning of luv was hearing people say i luv u.  now with this broken heart i declare that i am luv.  my broken heart teached me that luving myself is what luv is all about.  so with all my might i shout i luv myself and instantly my heart was healed.  well at least until another moment comes where a new luv travels my way.

By: Mz.J’Lyn

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a toast to young luv

            The difference between males and females is that we are just a like, we just don’t realize it!  Girls let their emotions determine their attitudes, they also let what other people think about them determine who they are.  Boys are just the same way; their emotions and other people opinions of them determine who they are.  This may be one of the reasons why young relationships don’t go so well.

            Our friends can and at sometimes will be our worst enemies.  We let them talk us into doing things their way instead of listening to ourselves.  Not to say you should never listen to your friends but, if for everything that happens in your relationship you have to get stamp of approval from someone else something may not be right.  It is very important to listen to your own heart and mind sometimes.  Its true that your heart can be broken, but your mind can’t, everyone needs to have a broken heart at sometime but your mind won’t let you forget and therefore when something crazy is going on in the next relationship you will know how to recognize it.  At the same time a friend’s advice can be very valuable because they might have dealt with your current situation.  You just need to be able to distinguish the good advice from the bad.

            Another factor that is destroying young love more than outside sources is the very two people in the relationship.  One thing that is very important is compatibility.  This may sound obvious but when you’re in the situation you may not be able to see it.  If a person shows you there butt at the beginning recognize it and run!  Don’t force the relationship just because he or she is the finest person in the world.  You may believe that because you have the catch of the day you have to eat up whatever they dish out to you.  Remember that there are other fish in the sea.  This may sound cliché but it’s true.  If your significant other is using you, always ignoring you, or is only around when it’s convenient for them don’t stick around.  Most times this type of person is not interested in you but, what you can do for them or their reputation.  Trust the advisor, I’ve been in the situation myself and almost lost myself trying to keep him around.

            One thing that can ruin a good relationship is not listening to the in betweens.  I previously said that males and females are just a like.  The only small difference is that females wear their emotions on their sleeves; males hide theirs under a hoodie.  Females are able to express themselves openly while males try to hide their feelings.  1. Girls realize that always expressing your feelings can be stressful to your man if you have a lot of complaints.  Try to understand what your mate may be feeling every time you express yourself, and how you may feel if he was doing it to you.  Also know that at sometimes he may need a hug just as much as you. 2. Boys realize that if you don’t express yourself how would she know how you’re feeling.  Sometimes it’s obvious but, don’t assume that she knows.  If you’re hurting say something, the only way to be sure to get her help is to let her know what’s up!

            In closing just remember to differentiate between the good and the bad advice from others, make sure the two of you are compatible, and ladies be able to read between the lines but, guys speak up sometimes!

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Spoken Words

too often WORDS are taken for granted.  Because the most used languaged is spoken, people often speak without thought.  Whats in a word?  Words speak those things that you feel.  Words are the pathway of an individuals thoughts, feelings, expressions, and personality.  The words that you form to speak should be a reflection of who you are.  Be careful to only say what you mean and remember to mean what you say.  Once a word has left your mouth it can never return.  Words produce energy, whether negtative or positive words are an influence on those whom you encounter.  The tongue is one of the most powerful weapons.  It is in constant motion with the sun and the moon (good and evil).  Word have the power to either give life or take life away.  When it comes to WORDS choose them wisely.

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