Let’s Take it Back to Black Luv

C’mon yall where is all the LUV at?  I’m sick on baby mama’s, baby daddy’s, dips, pimps, hoes, and tricks... What happened to a man and a woman and LUV…and dont use the media as an excuse or the fact that you’ve been hurt and can’t trust nor luv, cause everyone gets hurt not once not twice but alot… its life but u live and learn and grow stronger with every experience…My people let’s go old skool and bring back the BLACK LUV!….

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Mystery Beauty of A Flower

One of the most amazing growth processes is that of a flower. When a flower grows it is one of the most beautiful natural creations ever.  But what does it take to become a flower???  Well a flower must first be planted in dirt.   It then withstands harsh winds, hard rain and predictors of its environment.  Only the most strong flowers blossom and can be seen as a gift to the world.  So remember when life gets hard, and the people who plant you take you through dirt, mud, harsh winds, and rainy seasons if you stand firm in the dirt you will soon grow and become a blessing in the world that tired to destroy you.

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Dont Live Your Life As a YO-YO

Here’s some food for thought.  Yo-yo are toys that you have the option of controling however you like if you know how to work them.  Ummm its kind of like life’s encounters.  The person in control of the yo-yo can throw it out but always bring it back depending on how they feel.  Don’t be a yo-yo!

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