106 & Park did Terrence go too far w/ Rocsi???

So as a consequence of Rocsi leaving the stage she was suspended for 2 days off the show…. I’m not sure I agree with that decision BET, but if you were gonna suspend her than fo sure Terrence needs to have the same punishment because his behavior was unprofessional, childish, and down right rude and disrespect.  Hahah, but who am I fooling… People we are talkin about BET here the same network who disrespects women 24/7 thru the media… Rocsi sorry gyrl; I guess even when you work for the station you still get treated!!! Terrence needs to be fired for what he pulled and frankly I believe Rocsi took the higher road by walking off (even if it did show she couldn’t withstand her emotions) because another black woman or man would have slapped the shit outta Terrence (I would have!).  And even though lately there have been alot of leaking rumors that Rocsi has slept with alot of rappers in the industry to get her fame, it still makes you wonder “what the hell did she do to make Terrence act a fool in public; on national tv?” , LOL…HOLLA! (p.s. thanks Mille for  the idea of puttin this story on the blog)

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Be Kanye Tablets… Take 1 & Be a Superstar

Ummm I watched this video about a week ago and the only thing i can still say is “are you serious” well now you can experience Kanye for yourself….haha, what is the media coming to??? LOL… and oh its sponsored by Absolut Vodka (enough said)

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Back N’ Da Day… Fresh Prince ‘SunShine’

This is still one of my favorite TV shows.  I watch it every night.

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Make It Up… In This Club

So I just left the club Boutique and yesterday I went to the Buddah.  I have been having so much fun this week and I’ve been hanging with old friends (and new ones) LOL. Anyway, I’ve been partyin so hard that I had to leave the club early tonight because I was finna fall out.  Meantime, I also did not forget that I did not post anything in the last two days, so I had to come home and make it up to y’all.  As I was driving home I was thinking of what to post.  I have a lot of ideas but do to the fact that I am dead tired from FUN I am going to post a LIST OF RULES AND IDEAS TO FOLLOW WHEN AT THE CLUB….


1. Don’t hold up the wall.  I dont understand why people spend time getting cute/fly and then come to the club and just hold up the wall… Last time I checked the wall can stand on its own

2. Ladies, I gotta have the fellows back on this one.  Dont come to the club half dressed and get offended when someone touches you or makes a comment about how your body look in your outfit.  HELLO… no damn clothes is asking for attention…If you cant handle the heat stay out the kitchen

3.  Guys, don’t think I was just gonna come hard at the ladies… We dont wanna dance with one dude for the whole night.  We don’t know you.  One dance , maybe two for the  night… DO YOU SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE IS IN THE CLUB… Don’t be thirsty.  Get a dance, maybe ask for my number and keep it moving.  If I come back to you thats a different story.

4. If you can’t balance well don’t DRINK and DANCE…  My clothes don’t want a Drink!

5. Fellows, why come to a club with a dance floor full of women and you and your boys wanna get a a huge circle and see who does Solider Boy the best… one word for y’all…LAME

6. Women the clubs say 21+ age or older for a reason.  Why do I see females still humping on the floor and sitting on dudes faces.  We are too old for that non sense.  I mean dancing, being wild, and having fun is one thing but keep BEDROOM activities at home. TMI!  If you give them everything at the club what they need to call you for the see you later, ummm???

7. Please look in the mirror before you step out your crib.  They make clothes in different sizes for a reason.


Mz. J’Lyn

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Can I Get A Napkin Please??? IMPROV… You Gotta Watch IT All…

Its Wednesday.  Yes I’ve already posted things for today but I need a laugh at the moment.  So I went on youtube to randomly search for a laugh.  Recently I was introduced to IMPROVS.  Actually, I’ve seen plently of them, just didnt know what they were called (yes, take time to laugh at me if you must) Anyway, my silly butt and my friends always perform IMPROVS with random jokes, dances, and me on video tape acting a complete fool (shout out to Candace, Brandon, Lamar, DJ, Kevin, Ashley B and the rest of the crew who perform when we have nothing to do…and yes once again I didnt know they were IMPROVS) So with that said, I searched for Improvs on youtube and came across this one.  IT IS HILARIOUS!!! Hope you get a laugh, I sure did.

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Kanye and His Spaceship “Jane”

For those on you who missed the GLOW AND THE DARK CONCERT (KAYNE) here is a sneak peek at Kanye and his Spaceship “Jane” …Enjoy!

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