A Promise to Signature Gyrls from Tiffany & Co.

Mz. J’Lyn: Do you take this ring and with it promise to uphold high excellent standards?

Signature Ladies: Yes, with this ring I promise to be a High Maintenance Gyrl!

Mz. J’Lyn: Do you always promise to Luv, Cherish, Pamper, and Respect yourself and demand others do the same?

Signature Ladies: Of course we do, we will except nothing less than the Best!

Mz. J’Lyn: Congratulations Ladies you are now High Maintenance Signature Gyrlz!

Signature Ladies:We accept our calling and promise to carry it through, hahaha

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Do You Know Her??? Vanna Black


A Signature Spotlight.  I believe in uplifting my own and helping people achieve their dreams if I can.  Therefore, every once in a while I will put the spotlight on those working hard, trying to make something of themselves.  Who knows someone might get discovered on da’ Blog…LOL Today, while researching for the Blog I came across this young mama (goes by the name Vanna Black) who is definitely trying to do her thang.  Lets shine some LUV her way! 

Vanna Black is a Signature Beauty on the rise.  Not only does she model but she raps.  From the streets of West Phildelphia, she has dreams of starting her own magazine one day (something we both have in common).  Good luck missy!

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Lanvin Taffeta Hi Top w/ Metallic Toe

It’s still all about Fashion today.  And what more can we do put have you vote.  Who rocked this sneakers the best Usher or Jay Z???  My vote definitely goes towards Jay.  The sandy brown in his pants brings out the shoes.  I’m luvn’ da’ style Jay.  Who y’all feeln’?

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